Surya Trust

Shri U. Surendra Shenoy (SURYAN) he was a renowned hereditary physician who practiced Ayurveda system of medicine and was well known in social spiritual and cultural field of Kannur, Kasaragod districts.

Surya trust was created with a view to continuing the tradition set by Surendra Shenoy with more vigour and enthusiasm. Shree Shivaprasad Shenoy dedicated in his all efforts to improve upon the vision of his father.

Highlights of Surya trust

1998 A detailed handout was brought out by the trust in November highlighting the important, laws and procedures associated with our national flag coinciding with the inauguration of the trust to improve the understanding of the flag.

1999 The trust conducted a short-story competition for up-coming Malayalam writers.A large number of writers participated and 30 prizes were dist ributed to the deserving participants including 3 first prizes.

2000 A research book on Kerala’s traditional folklore dance “POORAKKALI” named ‘ SURYA TRUST, ‘SUNSON CREATIONS POORAKKALI’ was held for video films and a prize was awarded to the best film. Simultaneously film and TV stars of yester years were honored on the occasions.

2001. With a view to imprinting the awareness on spirituality in the awareness on spirituality in the mind of the people, ‘ADHYATMA RAMAYANAM ’ written by our great poet Shri Thunchath Ezhuthachan was brought out in an audiocassette form in a melodious raga. A cassette named ‘ VISWANADHAM’ was also brought out to aid in performing Dhyana, Japa and Omkar in a tantric way.

2002. Bodhi Vriksha is Lord Mahavishnu’s favourite tree. It is believed that Bodhi Vriksha is capable of washing away all sins by a mere touch of it, curing any disease by respecting it and getting rid of all difficulties and poverty by circuling it. The trust has constructed a beautiful and spacious platform for the tree in front of Tuluvannur Mahavishnu Temple.

2003. The trust is setting up a statute of LORD ANJANEYA in the historical Ezhimala area (Adjacent to Naval Academy). The statue is 41 feet in height and is believed to be the tallest in Kerala. Tourists, both foreign and Indian have started visiting the place and worshiping Lord Anjaneya.

2004. To include a teaching of LORD BUDDHA in the mind of young students, his statue has been erected in front of the government boy’s high school in 2004. It is an attempt to reduce the violent culture prevailing in the country there by allowing the people to live peacefully as professed by Buddha.

2005. The onslaught of film and T.V media, our ancient form of entertainment viz drama is fast disappearing. To counter this and to revive the art, the trust has brought out a book of collections of dramas known as ‘SURYA TRUST SUNSON CREATIONS’

Sri Budha Statue 14 Feet Hight Location- Kunhiraman Adiyodi Smaraka Higher Secondery School.Payyanur Shilpi- Dhamodaran Vellora

Loard Anjaneya Statue 41 Feet Hight Location- Ezhimala